• αBc
  • cвα
  • [̲̅α̲̅][̲̅в̲̅]
  • ͠α͠в͠c
  • ͕͗a͕͕͗͗b͕͗c͕͗
  • ̅α̅в̅c̅
  • ̲α̲в̲c̲
  • ̶α̶в̶c̶
  • more

What actually are Letters Bouf? Letters Bouf are existing textual characters from other alphabets, like the Greek alphabet for example, with the Σ, Λ and Π which look like the Latin E, A and N. In that way we created a huge amount of awesome new Alphabets with different letters.

вє cяєαтινє αη∂ cяєαтє!

It's completely normal for some characters to appear as squares.
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